Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A new lap top : D

Which apparently has a command to set up a blog from an existing account and be able to access it whenever without too much trouble, and I’m so excited I remembered my password for this account so that I didn’t have to start a new one.

Thanks to Eden, who left comments up in which I could follow to find all the info I needed in order to set it back up, sisters rock! :D

I’m so pleased with my new lappy, other than getting used to holding my hands in a certain way so that my Thenar Eminence doesn’t brush against the keypad and throw me into ‘history’ or ‘find’ and bounces me off the space I was on the computer : P

Well, gonna post this message and check on, then I’m off to bed, early client in the morning in Scotia.

Much love, McKenzie.

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