Thursday, October 8, 2009

Last Minute Fall Birthday Party

So I posted an 'Event' on Facebook for a 'Shindig' to celebrate my 25th Birthday, crazy, right? O.o

And for the first night I only got a few people who said they couldn't do it but sent their early B-Day wishes & apologies... so after some serious disappointment I decided to cancel the party, but as I went to delete it on the 'Event' page I got the surprise I was secretly hoping for: some old friends they wanted to come, such as my old and now completely SEXY roommate, Rita (still deciding on her name, as she is still deciding on her chosen gender), woo hoo, I'm so excited *^_^*

So, its back on and now I'm gonna be in FULL SWING, getting everything ready (CLEANING like a mad woman) and what not...

Got money in my pocket, friends by my side, and I feel like there will be a fun relationship around the corner soon, I can't be going through all these people for nothing, right? I never realized I was so selective, and I'm sure I've injured some hearts... but I deserve what I deserve, right?


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