Monday, May 18, 2009

Da's 100 years of Song Concert & Greek Festival

This Weekend was Fabulous! *^_^*

Greek Festival @ The Saint

Late snack @ 214 on Lark: Heather & Chris and Kev & I

The Mendelssohn Club of Albany, NY's 100 Years in Song Spring Concert, in the beautiful Education Building in Albany, NY.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Remarkably accurate forcast for Libras in 2009

"You have useful strategies for staying balanced. But if some of these have become blocks to growth, it's time to let them go. 2009 is a year of going beyond your comfort zone. Watch for wonderfully odd new contacts whose way of life intrigues you. Areas of interest open doors of the mind, and may change your whole perspective.

You've got ample restless energy that could turn into anxiety, unless you find productive outlets. When you find an idea with substance, your fullest commitment leads to success. It's a great year for collaboration or to partner with another in business. Let your high ideals be your guide. What has value now is ideas, so discern what's needed and provide that. Protect your greatest asset, which is your clear mind.

You'll find risky business in love, if you're not careful. What's hot in the moment, may just be a passing wild card, meant to keep things interesting. If handled right, you can have fun, without losing your own center. If in doubt about the long term prospects with a friend or lover, keep a light hold, and enjoy yourself. It's a time for social web building, and each new contact has a role to play. Try to avoid a rush to conclusions, until you see how it plays out.

The theme this year is finding balance in chaos and risk-taking. Be vigilant with your health, and make sure you've got enough time alone. Build your spiritual strength, to deal with the shock of the new, in this time of change. Keep flexing those muscles, so you're confident that you can deal with any tempests that lie ahead."


That is so accurate for me, it's not even funny... well, actually, yes, very funny indeed and equally as inspiring, I love reading things supposably about myself that makes me feel better, hurray! *^_^*

Will update tomorrow about Dad's Spring concert, 100 years in Song & The Greek Festival, which was a blast! Nighty night. M.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Somewhat disappointing day

My full client schedule dwindled over the course of an afternoon until I only have two clients left, and one turned out to be a complete prick.

Nothing I did was right and he wasn't happy (why he felt the need to give me $10 tip, I'll never know, but felt I deserved it after dealing with his crap)... then he went and complained! It was so depressing, but not only did my secretary confirm that he was indeed a prick (and will never allow him to work with me again), then my chiropractor (who had sent him to me) apologized profusely and told me to pay him no mind, he's just 'Weird' lol

I felt when I met him in the lobby, upon being looked up and down, he gave off an air of: She won't be able to do it right... and my first perception was correct.

The man claimed he received several massages a month, but failed to do what I would expect a man who had received so many massage do for/with me during the massage (proper undress/table etiquette, etc), perhaps he was never taught the proper way to be a receiving client, but either way was quite taxing and left me fairly drained. I'm better prepared for these types of people for having met him. Perhaps no one could ever perform to his standards: so I take my secretary's advice, 'Ya just can't make everyone happy.'

But hurray: good news! My Chiropractor gave me three tickets to a Greek Festival, though apologizing that it might be more of a 'Meeeeeeattt- Event' (yes, she made it sound like a zombie, she's so awesome), but she said they have delicioius deserts and I should go. So I'm taking Da & Heather with me (Heather is paying for Christopher & Michelle to join in the Greek party)

And I might have failed to mention my new business cards made it and I had everyone cooing over them in the office, Laura (the lady who called the man a prick) said, 'Good upgrade!' (I had made the other ones with Avery and they didn't exactly print out straight)

Well, I'm off to bed, massage/chiro in the morning, then its off to work @ The V-shop (filling in for Kate, again)

Should have that package out to you tomorrow, E! *^_^*

Monday, May 11, 2009

A busy week.

Thursday, full day at the Chiropractors
Friday, 12 hour day at Verstandig's
Saturday, 12 hour day at Verstandig's
Sunday, 4 hour morning helping last minute children make their mum's feel special.
Monday, 8 hour day at Verstandig's... then out for Sushi & Post-Tulip Festival walking.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Getting back into the swing

So I've felt more than rusty when it comes to my note taking at work, my terminology is there but I fail to remember how to spell terms that should come easy. So I started studying. I took my books the other day and sat by the man-made-lake at The Crossings. I loved it, it was so peaceful.

Saw these little ducklings and took a few snaps.

Worked with Mama last night, for approximately 4 hours, elevating her legs, deep tissue, elevating, it was intense for her, but I see a vast improvement and we plan to do it again after I get home from work today.

I do so hope the setup went well, Eden! I'm sure that it did! And can not wait to see more pictures : D

Oh, I'm booked solid next Thursday, were as the other MT only has one scheduled, they joke that they are going to hide my sheet *slight cringe* But I hope to interest her in an exchange and we'll become MT buddies if nothing else.

Off to work! Love to you! *^^*