Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gay Tastic Bread

For me from Da, his way of saying he was cool if I ended up with a girl lol

Ah ha, a better day.

Baking some granola, took a bath with fresh rose petals and almond oil, and once I'm tried off and the granola is finished, I'm taking my novel outside and laying in the sun for awhile, get that beautiful Vitamin D-covered look *^_^*

No friends where free today, but will be taking a bike ride in the Crossings later this week with some cycling friends. Tamara was talking logo jackets lol

No more emo.

Since I have upset a handful of people recently with my overly emoish moods, I promise to no longer dwell on the depressing and past experiences, which in so many ways will help me.

So to the Good news:

Got a good, sweat producing workout in this morning: I did my measurements again this morning: woot! And you know what I mean!

Chatting it up with this Vegan Cutie : )

I'm planning a picnic for all my friends for next Monday, all vegetarian fare, we'll see how it goes, though its possible someone will find out and bring some kind of bucket of chicken parts *shrugs* It just wouldn't surprise me lol

It's going to be another BEAUTIFUL day *^_^* And I'll be spending a good part of the afternoon/evening helping dad out in the garden, planting the daffodils and tulips I stole- err, I mean, borrowed from work (no worries, they dry out and go to waste if I don't save them, so technically, its not Really stealing lol)

But, back to cleaning and calling a few friends to pester them before noon on a Sunday, it's fun.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I'm nervous about my audition tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll do fine; I know my skills are some of the best people have received, not that I've let this get to my head, it seems to be the only thing that I'm not certain of when people compliment me, isn't that strange?

So they are scheduled for tomorrow at One, and of course I pile on the interviews when I offer myself up to seeing my teacher from school to ask for assistant teaching position for the Shiatsu class... My two favorite teachers, Dagney & Mary head it, and they are such beautiful women to be around, I would do it for free, except I could be paid up to $25 an hour to do it! OOoh, do keep your fingers crossed for me, dear sister!