Thursday, March 26, 2009

Starting the day off right.

I was just informed I was accepted as a 'Certified' MT by the AMTA ... I could have gone with 'Professional' but for $30 dollars more a year, I could be highlighted, wootness : D

Oh and went to James Comstock's Farewell Party last weekend with Jag, he made a cute little speech, I caught:

Kristin, JaggyG, JimmyC, Me

There we are with about 15 other guys playing football, I love the action poses lol

My date, Jag, holds JimmyC with LOooooove *^_^* I love these guys.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Body Mods and Good times.

Thanks for my Valentine, sister... other than it had me confused as to how to open it, I loveeed it *^_^*

Here are those pictures you requested. I love it and can't wait to put a diamond in next! Sorry for the not-so-smilie images, swimming in old memories this morning & no work to go to... might be a melancholy day, but I'm working on it not to be.

Had a lovely time in TarryTown, NY. Rocco & Panda showed me around, it's very much like Penn State, with quaint little shops and built entirely on large hills. My calves were definitely feeling it. They were telling me all the benefits of living there and commuting in, then I have a friend in CT trying to put his two cents in where I should live next, which of course, is CT. It would only take approx. 45 minutes from both areas to get into Penn Station. Also, Rocco knows land owners in NY & cheaper studios to rent, he told me just tell him when.

ooh and the Three Musketeers got back together- reunited!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A change/break

I'm looking forward to spending a VERY long weekend with friends, Panda/Meg/Brian/Rocco down in the TerryTown, NY and Adler, in CT (Atlantic City for some casino, but I've only been shown poker once/twice and don't plan on losing any money I've made, but it should still be fun- I get to get all dressed up!)

Just wanted to say to E: I think what you will charge mom is totally and more than fair for the commission... sadly won't get Etsy up and going for her before I have to leave today, but I will upon my return! That way, we can go up with a bang and Lots to choose from. She's been working so hard and I'm so proud of her- check up on her during the week, yeah?

I'm suppose to be leaving around 12 to get down there sometime after 2 today, I'm so excited! My Passing-the-Boards present from Panda is to get my nose pierced, and I decided on the right side... trust me, this took forever to decide- gahh : P

Best be moving on.

Have a great Week/end, everyone!

Love, K.