Sunday, January 25, 2009

कुकिएस "Cookies!" in Hindu : )

Woke up this morning, thinking... I should make cookies for when I go back to work- like surprise, sorry I left you guys for almost three weeks with no one to do all the grunt work- yeah, that sucks- but here's coooookkkiiiiessss, it's all better now, huh? hehe

Took some pictures at first until the time was getting later and I had to move-ass to get them all done before the brethren came. You should have seen how messy I made the kitchen, but I got it ALL cleaned, put away and even finished the Anise/Almond cookies with powdered sugar and some cinnamon for color- oh so purdy *^_^* And set out a plate of cookies as they were stepping into the house... oh yeah, I rock. I was a cookie steam demon, in a cute apron that Crystal made me for Christmas- pictures later *^_^*

Only problem, in my rush, I hadn't paid too much attention to my neck and now I'm fairly stiff, but that's why I'm sitting here, craning my neck to the left in order to leave a message... I really should have moved the monitor back to the center of my desk after finishing watching Ironman... ohhhh..... maybe I should go return that today, I just have no clue where it is lol- I better go look that up and figure out when they close.


Preparing the Coconut (added Mint clips) Cookies.

Pretty and tasty too!

The Almond/Anise/Nut cookies, Bella is nibbling on the fallen powdered sugar, yum!

*Update: Wow those pictures are huge, sorry- apparently neck is not allowing me to remember to resize... my bad- sorry!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

An afternoon with the Strobeck family

I just got a few great/fun pictures to share with you : )
That and I really enjoyed my outfit, it was simple but oh so comfy and stylish- I was just thinking the other day that I haven't opened a couple boxes of clothing still from school... I really should go check those out before I start to figure out what I would want to bring to NYC... I mean, with the amount of, well... crap, I own- I better get started sorting now. I'm honestly not sure how much I can/want to leave here. If I leave more than I should mom will never believe I'm leaving for good. And after I move out this time, I'm clipping all ties, as much fun as all this has been, I'm gone- one way or another- I'm gone for good.
Getting ready...

At a stop light, praying no one will rear-end me again... its such an odd feeling when I drive now, but I'm fighting it. It's not like they happen EVERY day.

Playing with my nephew at the restaurant.

Crystal and I, waiting for her car to get finished.

Still waiting but in this one you can see Nathan playing with Wyatt in the back.

Shopping with the family at Jo Ann's... I too miss Alfred's, Eden : (

I has cute shoes!

Just looking for other colors, I found some on Nordstrom's website and several other sites where they claime they are not fakes but don't look to have the same stitching and styling. And now I totalllllly want the orange ones too *^_^* I thought this color (Alabaster/ Steel/ Midnight Fog)was good for you, Eden. Maybe from your first killing on Etsy, you could treat yourself to some hooves shoes.

Here zeh are:

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quick Break Blog

Studied for my test.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Taking care of myself.

Got a doctor's appointment- had xrays taken of my cervical & thoracic spine, & right ankle- results should be in tomorrow or soon after. But I'm okay to go back to see Lou Alpy, yay! He said there is a lot of work to do on me, sure knows how to make a Massage Therapist feel good about her body, eh?

Got a new set of paperwork coming tomorrow so that I can get into the room to take my test (apparently they sent it but it never got here, again)... but this time I have verbal & written eligibility to take the Boards- woot.

Almost over my cold- minor chest coughs left- woot on that too.

Everything is finally starting to fall into place.

More information as it arrives *^_^*


Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Who Adores the Eeeeeeden? M does *^_^*

Monday, January 5, 2009

Should be sleeping- Update *^_^*

Crystal & I were involved in a rear-end collision on our way to drop me off at the train station early afternoon, Friday... I had some serious neck pain the next morning but since then has reduced, except to possibly travel its way down my body, which isn't surprising really, since I was compensating for my in-ability to move my head back much...

Had made plans to move to NYC, and I will do this soon. *edit.

My only fear is that no one is going to visit me in NYC... would you be able to do NYC, E? ::pout:: Heather said she would, but even she is thinking about moving out and finding her own place, which means- little extra money for travel... and that's even if we'll have room for a blow-up mattress for the visitor *cringe*

Well, that said.. I'm off to bed!