Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Brit's new video.

Date on Friday

Got a date on Friday with a beautiful woman. Woot woot!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


'Car Crash' by Matt Nathanson starts to play as I'm about to upload this image... thanks Pandora Radio for being so ironic this morning.

Stiff neck, slightly cranky, and nothing to do. I wanted a day off, but this isn't how I wanted it to go.

And of course, wanted to upload images on FB, and what isn't working? The Uploader. Thanks, FB. You suck.

I think I might go back to sleep, no frustration in that beautiful act of unconsciousness.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Last Minute Fall Birthday Party

So I posted an 'Event' on Facebook for a 'Shindig' to celebrate my 25th Birthday, crazy, right? O.o

And for the first night I only got a few people who said they couldn't do it but sent their early B-Day wishes & apologies... so after some serious disappointment I decided to cancel the party, but as I went to delete it on the 'Event' page I got the surprise I was secretly hoping for: some old friends they wanted to come, such as my old and now completely SEXY roommate, Rita (still deciding on her name, as she is still deciding on her chosen gender), woo hoo, I'm so excited *^_^*

So, its back on and now I'm gonna be in FULL SWING, getting everything ready (CLEANING like a mad woman) and what not...

Got money in my pocket, friends by my side, and I feel like there will be a fun relationship around the corner soon, I can't be going through all these people for nothing, right? I never realized I was so selective, and I'm sure I've injured some hearts... but I deserve what I deserve, right?


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dating deals.

People are soo freakin' confusing... Gah.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Show was a success!

The Show was a success! : D

Studio time in the morning & getting ready.

Jenny, Arianna & I looked FABULOUS *^_^*

Morocco performing, I didn't take too many pictures as I was mostly watching & cheering the performers on : )

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Plan.

Apartment searching online is proving difficult and the $ tags are starting to freak me out, so tomorrow I'm in Scotia again tomorrow morning, I'm going to take a quick drive and see what I can see... wish me luck! : )

Friday, August 7, 2009

Stressors & relaxors

I get to sit here in my room, chill out to some Lester Young without Heather bothering me (was dropped off at Christopher's yesterday), she hates Jazz of all sorts. Even good Jazz.

Had a disagreement with one of my best buddies last night, over of course nothing important and we just made our apologizes to one another, but it still brought me down all last night and this afternoon. Trying to shake that as best as possible.

Crystal is upset with me, sending me pictures of California and little notes depicting how sad and lonely she is.

Cancelled a get-together with Crystal & Wyatt today due to an appointment with a client, who later cancelled...

Habiba, my dance instructor, with the best intentions has asked me to perform in the performance next weekend and as much as I feel I'm getting better with every day I practice, I'm still thinking its too early to be put on the spot like that. But I have rehearsal with them tomorrow morning, so I'll make up my mind then, I suppose. But the reason I was going to dance with them was because I wasn't sure when the next performance was going to be and I didn't know where I was going to be.

I had filled my massage room with bags of winter clothes, thinking I could finally packed those heavy cottons & wools away for another year and it looks like I'm staying around for a bit longer. I just tried to call a friend of mine who has a friend who is selling her house out in Scotia, and of course, like all house sales its not moving in hopes she'll rent it out to me, the worst she could say was no, so there ya go. Waiting to hear about that.

The other massage therapist resigned yesterday, and will take her table next week. Even if my boss bought a OakWorks table tomorrow, it wouldn't get here for a couple of weeks, so during those couple of weeks I have to again lug this 35/40 pound table around, and it isn't nice & easy like a box, no this hip-hitting, akward carrying thing, is annoying and bad on my back... fabulous... perhaps I'll invest in a Table Cart...

Well there is my little rant, I believe I needed to get it out some way or another, so there we are *^_^*

I know your dealing with your own worries, my dearest sister and if you had the patience to read all of my whineing, I love you but of course no worries for me, it'll all pass, it always does.

Gonna go take a tub, listen to some jazz and hit the sack early... practice tomorrow morning at 10am at the Zuzu's studio. Love the name of that, hehe.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Shipping boxes.

Took a drive (forgot to put DSi on for more stars *pout) to mail Crystal Ringler a small gift for her birthday, I debated just keeping it until I got there, but felt that its always more fun to open a package/gift on one's birthday than two months later.

They have these flat-rate shipping boxes now: $-$$ depending on size. The largest one is only $13.change to ship. So I'm sending over my glass food stuffs in order to save there: Mmm peanut butter & jelly. Weight limit of those boxes is 70 lbs, so far my food box (3/4ths filled) weighs a meer 12 lbs. Must fill to brim with heavy dried noodles *^_^*

A very helpful website for LMTs

When moving, its best to find out the State Requirements for the state your moving to.
Obviously a National Certification is best.
And apparently CA doesn't require you to have any type of License... I'm not sure how I feel about this, of course. But I do have an educated edge over my competition.

Massage Register: State Requirements

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Happy August!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

Adventures, Weddings, Visits, and Plans

So much to update... how long as it been since my computer monitor died a slow white-out death?

Well, anywho!

Two of my lovely friends tied the knot on July 11th.
My friend, Meredith graduated from CNW on July 18th.
And I look a trip down to PA with my Da to help the sister & brother in law move on July 24th- July 27th.
New set plans for moving again. This time, for real. Scheduled: October.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Okay then.

Apparently in this area's lesbian community, I'm not bisexual or lesbian until I move into a totally white apartment and buy a kitten, then I'll be official.

Dating women is bullshit here. Gonna try CA next lol

Gotta find out what's going on with Crystal & Uncle Jim, either one could use a couple extra bucks in their pockets if they rent me out a room... and now is the time to NYC-scale back on stuff.

Gonna go finish cleaning my room and baggin' up my stuff to be given to the Salvation Army or Goodwill (course, goodwill might win since they are closer, hehe)

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday, America! hehe *^_^*

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Panda's 24th Birthday

They ran up and down, up and down *drool* It was beautiful thing to see first thing in the morning.

Enjoying a morning walk on the Boardwalk.

Had our palms read, apparently I'm getting married to an all American this year... where is he?

Shopping after a day at the beach.

Mmmmmm, beach.

Slightly tipsy still.

Birthday party!

Snuggles & drinks.

Dancing and partying.

Eatting cake and taking taxis.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hail, Daddy's Day, etc.

Daddy liked his new pillow and uses it often : D

Your dress... Soooo purdy.

Shopping with Crystal.

The hail was ridiculous...

Love you!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Okay... maybe I should choose a different shirt than my soft yellow tribal Beaver shirt for my date at a Pride Miniature Golf Tournament tomorrow... lol

Oooh, and this totally cutie at Brugger's Bagels was eyeing me, as I was eyeing him back all afternoon while I sat with Lisa and discussed her make-up/wedding plans... so I'm gonna go back and get myself a bagel... and perhaps a phone number : D

I just wished I worked more at Verstandigs so that I have a reason to go down into Delmar... that sounds so stupid when ya think about it... but I actually want to go to Verstandings... Yup, I better get to bed, maybe I have a fever : P

Annywho- Lisa and I had a fabulous time, she was so happy, Eden, you should have seen her! She took direction well for application and what needed to be cleaned and how during and afterwards. She was pleasantly pleased with her results. And I must say, she looked stunningly fresh looking. Nothing too crazy, except we over did it with some black mascara- brown worked better for her, which I figured but couldn't help but try and she was willing to get what she needed (racking up a pretty sum), make-up that she'll be using for years to come, endless her color changes drastically... hell I still use some of the stuff I bought when I did Avon, and how long ago was that?! lol

Okies, I'm off to bed, gotta look good for my Minature Golf Day : )

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This might be horribly cruel...

... but when I stumbled upon an article about Sarah Jessica Parker wearing these, I figured since our last conversation these pairs of shoes are perfect... and when mom wins the lottery, I promise you will have them.

So, enjoy and try to contain the saliva. Love you! And Sorry!

Only Maison Martin Margiela can make such an awesome shoe.

Maison Martin Margiela's Split-Toe Booties

Monday, May 18, 2009

Da's 100 years of Song Concert & Greek Festival

This Weekend was Fabulous! *^_^*

Greek Festival @ The Saint

Late snack @ 214 on Lark: Heather & Chris and Kev & I

The Mendelssohn Club of Albany, NY's 100 Years in Song Spring Concert, in the beautiful Education Building in Albany, NY.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Remarkably accurate forcast for Libras in 2009

"You have useful strategies for staying balanced. But if some of these have become blocks to growth, it's time to let them go. 2009 is a year of going beyond your comfort zone. Watch for wonderfully odd new contacts whose way of life intrigues you. Areas of interest open doors of the mind, and may change your whole perspective.

You've got ample restless energy that could turn into anxiety, unless you find productive outlets. When you find an idea with substance, your fullest commitment leads to success. It's a great year for collaboration or to partner with another in business. Let your high ideals be your guide. What has value now is ideas, so discern what's needed and provide that. Protect your greatest asset, which is your clear mind.

You'll find risky business in love, if you're not careful. What's hot in the moment, may just be a passing wild card, meant to keep things interesting. If handled right, you can have fun, without losing your own center. If in doubt about the long term prospects with a friend or lover, keep a light hold, and enjoy yourself. It's a time for social web building, and each new contact has a role to play. Try to avoid a rush to conclusions, until you see how it plays out.

The theme this year is finding balance in chaos and risk-taking. Be vigilant with your health, and make sure you've got enough time alone. Build your spiritual strength, to deal with the shock of the new, in this time of change. Keep flexing those muscles, so you're confident that you can deal with any tempests that lie ahead."


That is so accurate for me, it's not even funny... well, actually, yes, very funny indeed and equally as inspiring, I love reading things supposably about myself that makes me feel better, hurray! *^_^*

Will update tomorrow about Dad's Spring concert, 100 years in Song & The Greek Festival, which was a blast! Nighty night. M.