Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Current updates

So I'm officially twenty-four years old, to my parents chagrin. Who vow I can not possibly be over 13. Silly parents.

I'm absolutely head over heels for a beautiful male turning female named Cadence, who has helped me open my eyes and slowly open my heart to accept all things in my life. To embrace who I say I am and how to change the things I want to change. She just wants the best for me and is beyond supportive.

I'm sending my final paperwork for my State Boards out tomorrow, making sure to have a signature confirmation or something like that, whatever I can buy for it. I DON'T want another 9 months of waiting, I'm pretty sure I would go completely mad at that point.

I'm constantly craving baked goods and I'm doing my best to appease my appetite but find myself lacking in the creativity and ability to read and follow recipes in order to make all the things I attempt to make come out the "right" way. They are mostly edible, but I think it might be out of desperation from my family. They always smell good... but I lose something between preparing and baking *confused face* But like in all things, I'll make it work and keep working on it until I get something down pat.

So I'm off to exercise and work off some frustration due to the fact this weather kept me from driving into Kingston to visit Cadence and her family and join a PFLAG organization get-together. But once the snow falls and sticks, the parents are more comfortable because the roads will be plowed and salted and less of those crazy people will be on the roads, who still pretend the roads have no wet leaves and ice and drive as if its any other day.

I just found myself so frustrated having missed an opportunity to spend time with Cadence and her family, which are fairly wonderful people to hang out with as well and I have done so several times. But I'll be seeing her this weekend, but I laugh at myself when I think that time will be slow... I have so much studying, so many exercise ideas, massage opportunities and general life crap, that I'm sure the time will fly by me quickly. I'm just being silly, is all. Shocker there, eh?

P.S. I went Black and Orange for Halloween!

Take care *^_^*