Thursday, August 21, 2008

FaerieCon Updates

So I found your Suzie wig on Ebay for $11.99 and figured give that a try first, and fortunately it was just about the only seller which excepted returns on costumes in case it's not good or you'd rather do the black, I can always return and go with the other company- and I lucked out and found a wig that will go perfectly with my color scheme thus far!! *^_^* Not going crazy at this point, just these two for now- if I like mine, I might grab another one for perhaps an extra outfit change during the Con : )

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Da's Birthday!!

It's Da's Birthday!!

I got him a wind-chime with cut glass bees, while H bought him two different irrigation systems for the gardens. He seemed to really like our choices *^_^*

Breakfast/lunch at the Crackel Barrel, his favorite and definitely not vegetarian friendly... but we made do : )

Saw the new Mini-van he wanted and they made an offer to buy it, so he got his big birthday present!

E, Da liked you card very much, its displayed on the kitchen table at the moment, along with a boutique of flowers I woke up early enough to get for him. I'm actually getting a lot better with my designs. Mum's lessons are finally paying off.

Speaking of designs, I found these images and automatically thought of you, E- tell me what you think. I'll practice the make-up later in the week.

Heather is trying to get the contacts ordered from Custom Color Contacts, along with the stockings- We Love Colors. Did you want a pair or two?

I'm also interested in getting some wigs from Best Wig Outlet, for the convention, maybe a blue for you, like in the image?

Also Mum is leaving at 11am tomorrow for MI, if you didn't already know. Will be there for a week+.

I'm off to give the parents their promised massages.

Enjoy the evening.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Unfortunate MT

So there has been some set backs in my pursuit of Licensure in Massage Therapy.
I'm certified and glad to be, having had a wonderful time in school... but now it's time to move this show on.

But now it turns out my Test-sitting papers never made it to their intended location- literally down town from me... *deep sigh*

So until January of next year, I am forced to keep on the study path I have been traveling for over a year and a half now, longer than most newly certified MT take. But perhaps it happened for a reason, it's true: I had some doubts about certain areas in my studies- Shiatsu to be sure was full of gray and practically black areas. So this time is solely allotted for Study and Working... and a few exciting days in-between!

Enough of that rant, I suppose.

On to good things:

1) My massage room is almost finished.
2) I'm able to use my Shiny new calender that started in August.
3) I have a new appreciation for good ideas gone bad.
4) I am happy with where I am in life, regardless of the what-seems-to-be constant setbacks.
5) I've been chatting with a super fine person online now and perhaps will meet soon.
6) I made Zucchini Bread that ROCKED.

That is all. *^_^*