Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I know this year is going to be F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Winter Predicament

*edit, was all sorted, and I hate ice storms. Yuck!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A thank you.

So, this is a thank you to my sister, Eden.

Offering the family an escape that we can all enjoy together.
-Only on occasion do we have a "dispute" about who's been playing longer and needs to get off so that others can play. But it's this wonderful peaceful to spend time together and I wanted to write a thank you, so if you ever needed to feel good- remember how happy you made this family during this stressful time for both the mother and father.

It's almost time for Christmas and I've attempted to do some shopping and so far have failed for the most part lol But next week I'll have time after work to pick up some things, so if there is something that pops up for Dave or for something you think might be good for either Heather, let me know.

Love to you *^_^*

Love, M.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Getting exctied for my Cruising Career!

So I’m taking a break from my constant study schedule- but not for long, since if I don’t pass these tests, there won’t be a Cruising Career, at least not for another long wait : P

BUT that’s not going to happen.

I’ve been doing some more research on my 15 minute breaks and found some great companies and Cruise Lines I would love to work on. There are of course, the location they dock from and the interview process to worry about but that won’t be a consideration until my boards have been past. One thing at a time.

But I thought to throw these up because they make me all excited and giddy and I need some extra inspiration for all this studying- though of course, I need to know most of it to have a career in the first place, but since I don’t plan on practicing Shiatsu, I find myself frustrated with my lack of concentration and attention to the details that the boards will be asking about. Darn you- Meridians!


WindStar Cruises
The Yachts of Seabourn

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Taking a moment

... away from my studying to upload some great cloud pictures I took after I took a walk before the light totally faded, I got back in time to rush into the house for my camera and snap some pictures.

Enjoy! And I didn't re-size them, in case you wanted to use one for a background. I did *^_^*

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Love, Friends, and Coming Out

This weekend was filled to the brim with everything that makes me smile.

Driving down to see my Cadence is usually reward enough for any weekend trip, but we also had the profound pleasure of seeing two of my dearest friends from college as well, Megan and Amanda.

We had all matured so beautifully and with such grace, each of us having moved on in our prospective lives, making good choices and surrounding ourselves with beauty and vibrant people. I could not have been happier with who they have become since I last saw them. And can not wait to see what the years, as they pass, will bring to all of us. Being able to share these thoughts and my love with them makes my life as filled with love and laughter as I could hope for.

Perhaps I sound like some type of sappy postcard of a sort, but I am honestly blown away by the people I have surrounded myself with. Cadence, my girlfriend and I have had a beautiful conversation about who we surround ourselves with and the meanings of those choices. A select few we keep in contact with and those of them we are privileged to meet on a regular basis...

I had the vast pleasure of meeting a small gathering of Cadence's friends during one of their every-other-week poker game this past weekend and enjoyed listening and observing who Cadence is associated with and how delightful they all were and very comfortable and welcoming, though myself was shy and reclusive for the most part.

I will have to study up on poker and perhaps the next time I'm able to join them, I maybe able to play my own hand, though I fear I would slow the pace down to a crawl with my constant questions. But that's another thing I can add to my list of things to do this month, which of course seems to be growing with each passing hour.

My sister and I just finished watching Iris, Judi Dench and Kate Winslet as Iris Murdoch and several of the lines made we decide to write what I've written here, to make myself and feelings known. Nothing bad can come of it, only good and perhaps a few laughs from my friends. Because they know it's true and that will make them happy.

Education doesn't make you happy,
and nor does freedom.
We don't become happy just because we're free, if we are,
or because we've been educated, if we have,
but because education may be the means
by which we realize we are happy.
It opens our eyes, our ears...
tells us where delights are lurking...
convinces us that there is only one freedom
of any importance whatsoever... that of the mind...
and gives us the assurance,
the confidence, to walk the path our mind...
our educated mind... offers.

Over the past few months, you may say I've had a new kind of education afforded me by special people and events I've attended that have allowed me to explore, more in depth my feelings and thoughts as a friend, a lover, a sister, and a daughter.

Cadence once mentioned that I wrote beautifully and it reminded me that I used to write, perhaps never in novel forms or even in something someone would be willing to sit down and read, but just to write, to journal or to express how the wind felt on my cheek that moment, though no one would ever read it or even make much sense out of it, I enjoyed it for what it was, a form of release for the many thoughts or craziness that my mind wanders into from time to time.

Human beings love each other...
in sex, in friendship, and when they're in love.
And they cherish other beings...
humans, animals, plants, even stones.
The quest for happiness and the promotion of happiness
is in all of this
and the power of our imagination.

So I'm so very excited to let you all know how happy I am, with my choices in life, who I'm surrounded myself with and how things are turning out for me.

I hope you are happy in your life and perhaps if things aren't exactly how you want them, certain things not working out how you would wish them to work out... perhaps it's time to start making those changes that will produce the results you crave in your life.

I wish you, my dear friends and loved ones, all the happiness you can hold.

Your devoted, thoughtful, and deliriously happy friend, McKenzie.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Current updates

So I'm officially twenty-four years old, to my parents chagrin. Who vow I can not possibly be over 13. Silly parents.

I'm absolutely head over heels for a beautiful male turning female named Cadence, who has helped me open my eyes and slowly open my heart to accept all things in my life. To embrace who I say I am and how to change the things I want to change. She just wants the best for me and is beyond supportive.

I'm sending my final paperwork for my State Boards out tomorrow, making sure to have a signature confirmation or something like that, whatever I can buy for it. I DON'T want another 9 months of waiting, I'm pretty sure I would go completely mad at that point.

I'm constantly craving baked goods and I'm doing my best to appease my appetite but find myself lacking in the creativity and ability to read and follow recipes in order to make all the things I attempt to make come out the "right" way. They are mostly edible, but I think it might be out of desperation from my family. They always smell good... but I lose something between preparing and baking *confused face* But like in all things, I'll make it work and keep working on it until I get something down pat.

So I'm off to exercise and work off some frustration due to the fact this weather kept me from driving into Kingston to visit Cadence and her family and join a PFLAG organization get-together. But once the snow falls and sticks, the parents are more comfortable because the roads will be plowed and salted and less of those crazy people will be on the roads, who still pretend the roads have no wet leaves and ice and drive as if its any other day.

I just found myself so frustrated having missed an opportunity to spend time with Cadence and her family, which are fairly wonderful people to hang out with as well and I have done so several times. But I'll be seeing her this weekend, but I laugh at myself when I think that time will be slow... I have so much studying, so many exercise ideas, massage opportunities and general life crap, that I'm sure the time will fly by me quickly. I'm just being silly, is all. Shocker there, eh?

P.S. I went Black and Orange for Halloween!

Take care *^_^*

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Long Day Adventures, of several kinds.

Saturday morning I woke up at 6:30 to do some yoga and stretch for my up-coming day, thinking I knew exactly what was in store but sadly not even wrapping my head around what was to become of my next 26 hours.

We proceeded to The Vegetarian Expo in Saratoga Springs, their Expo is the first in the Capital Region area to bring together and promote the global health benefits of green sustainable living, environmental awareness, and compassion for animals and all beings while highlighting their relationship to a plant-based diet. There was free food sampling, numerous exhibitors, and an interesting selection of Vegan food in a mess-hall, type spots near the back.

Heather and I enjoyed tasting the various treats, meeting new and interesting people, and just enjoying the general spender of being surrounded with happy Vegans, Vegetarians, and Aspiring Vegetarians. There were the plenty of hippies, health nuts, the normal joes and everyone in between milling about. Heather and I personally met a fun Vegetarian man, who's name escapes me, when H noticed we have trying to eat his meal on a rolling table, being few tables and having an open seat at ours, she waved him over.

He traveled three hours from Pennsylvania, which of course we then had a mutual location to talk about. Food and joining support groups was the topic of the morning, and he was enjoyable, if not a little weird, to chat with. We promptly finished our tofu gumbo and vegan veggie pizza and heading back into the Center.

H and I picked up a few buttons, stickers, books, and other bits and pieces for a casual read later on. I signed up for VegMag, getting a free nifty tote bag to proudly support later on, hauling blankets, pillows and sweets into our next event. We Enjoyed meeting and trying new companies such as Purple Beverage Co. with their amazing tasty pomegranate, black currant, purple plum, cranberry and blueberry seriously purple beverage and Liz Lovely, Inc. Vegan cookies of deliciousness. And generally enjoyed ourselves *^_^*

Making our way to the It Came from Schenectady 24 Hour Science Fiction Movie Festival at the Proctors in Schenectady, we got there just in time to catch Enemy Mine, one I personally enjoy and hadn't seen in some years. Several proceeded such as the A Boy and His Dog, A Clockwork Orange (viewers choice), Tokyo Gore Police, and Barbarella. And a special visit from Barry B. Longyear (author of Enemy Mine and It Came from Schenectady) for some Q & A, which H prepared for with some good questions and it was just a fabulous time.

Around 5:40/6, Heather walked me out to the car, saw that I got situated and returned to the next movie. I slept for appromiately an hour and a half, off and on, with and without my iPod... only to finally fall into a deep sleep around 7am.

Waking up at 8am to male voices all around me, I became alert, checking to make sure my body was covered and I wasn't in some kind of weird position, crammed in the back of the tinted windowed car, to find out they were standing around the car but not watching me or the car but something down the road I couldn't see. I quickly put on my other pants and grabbed my camera. Stepping out and pointing my camera towards the location, only to shock me, having taken a picture before I realized what I was taking a picture of. A jumper. Young man, on the top of a four story parking lot, looking over the edge expectantly. I couldn't make out his face but I could see all the cops on the roof and the on-lookers hoping to see something to tell their buddies later on in the day. My stomach dropped.

Visions of falling images stuck me, as if watching 9-11 in my classroom all over again and I remember thinking... if you have to, just please don't do it as I'm walking back into the building, clutching my Cadence pillow tightly to my chest. Selfishness hit me and I just hoped he wouldn't jump down, just come down. I got H, because I didn't know what else to do, she followed me back into the hall and with a morbid curiosity slowly inched our way back outside, only to find they had talked him down and were then quickly putting him in an ambulance, making my hands stop shaking and my heart beat slow. I was glad we went back out, even though now I still don't know how I was able to walk back out through those doors. But at least now he'll receive the help he obviously needed.

The picture I took is slightly haunting, you can make out where the window-shield is on the lower left hand corner, not realized I pressed the button, the camera is in focus, on-lookers waiting a ways away, discussing amongst themselves the possibilities that lay before the young man. I won't ever put it up because it gives my heart an indescribable dark feeling but I can't get myself to delete it, thinking later on, that it might have been the last image of him taken.

But she and I made it home, to fall into bed and having now just woken up to tell my tale, visiting with the family and enjoy being in my own bed and stretched out. I think I'm permanently folded from sitting through all those movies and lectures for so long : P

I hope everyone has a good weekend.

Love, M.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

FaerieCon Updates

So I found your Suzie wig on Ebay for $11.99 and figured give that a try first, and fortunately it was just about the only seller which excepted returns on costumes in case it's not good or you'd rather do the black, I can always return and go with the other company- and I lucked out and found a wig that will go perfectly with my color scheme thus far!! *^_^* Not going crazy at this point, just these two for now- if I like mine, I might grab another one for perhaps an extra outfit change during the Con : )

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Da's Birthday!!

It's Da's Birthday!!

I got him a wind-chime with cut glass bees, while H bought him two different irrigation systems for the gardens. He seemed to really like our choices *^_^*

Breakfast/lunch at the Crackel Barrel, his favorite and definitely not vegetarian friendly... but we made do : )

Saw the new Mini-van he wanted and they made an offer to buy it, so he got his big birthday present!

E, Da liked you card very much, its displayed on the kitchen table at the moment, along with a boutique of flowers I woke up early enough to get for him. I'm actually getting a lot better with my designs. Mum's lessons are finally paying off.

Speaking of designs, I found these images and automatically thought of you, E- tell me what you think. I'll practice the make-up later in the week.

Heather is trying to get the contacts ordered from Custom Color Contacts, along with the stockings- We Love Colors. Did you want a pair or two?

I'm also interested in getting some wigs from Best Wig Outlet, for the convention, maybe a blue for you, like in the image?

Also Mum is leaving at 11am tomorrow for MI, if you didn't already know. Will be there for a week+.

I'm off to give the parents their promised massages.

Enjoy the evening.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Unfortunate MT

So there has been some set backs in my pursuit of Licensure in Massage Therapy.
I'm certified and glad to be, having had a wonderful time in school... but now it's time to move this show on.

But now it turns out my Test-sitting papers never made it to their intended location- literally down town from me... *deep sigh*

So until January of next year, I am forced to keep on the study path I have been traveling for over a year and a half now, longer than most newly certified MT take. But perhaps it happened for a reason, it's true: I had some doubts about certain areas in my studies- Shiatsu to be sure was full of gray and practically black areas. So this time is solely allotted for Study and Working... and a few exciting days in-between!

Enough of that rant, I suppose.

On to good things:

1) My massage room is almost finished.
2) I'm able to use my Shiny new calender that started in August.
3) I have a new appreciation for good ideas gone bad.
4) I am happy with where I am in life, regardless of the what-seems-to-be constant setbacks.
5) I've been chatting with a super fine person online now and perhaps will meet soon.
6) I made Zucchini Bread that ROCKED.

That is all. *^_^*

Friday, July 25, 2008

I forgot I already made one of these using my GenmaiMassage Email.... awesome *^_^*